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a lot of non-professionals of entrepreneurs in a common mistake , a confusion between the concept of marketing and sales. Resulting in a series of errors that significantly affect the entity in all respects and in the early stages of the life of the projects . So much annoyed when offering me a business card (Business Card) and I find that the person is the director of sales and marketing at once! But I wonder when explain to me a friend organizational structure of the project and I find may merge two tasks under management or a single person, I will try to explain the reasons for this through the following lines.
Easy to tell the difference between sales and marketing through research and reading , so I will not dwell on explain it in a traditional way , but to connect you going through the experience of customers with your business and your products. It is simply self-evident , that all non-profit project , the primary objective is to maximize capital to achieve profits and in order to achieve a profit to be made from customers’ decision to purchase our products or services . So the important question here is , how is it ? What the client needs to decide to purchase ?

In this introduction, we come to a clear result that the client is a key player in achieving the goals of our projects and so it is necessary to understand the experience undergone by our customers with our products and that by analyzing handed the decision to the customer or the so-called peace influences and I hope to focus on connecting every stage of our subject here ” the difference between marketing and sales ,” and handed effects is as follows :
Ladder effects
Ladder effects – are talking here about the two phases of lack of perception and cognition.
For a 6 Figure Tool Kit shortcut, we will focus in this article on the two phases of lack of perception and cognition, These two phases are the responsibility of marketing fully , and suffers a lot of our projects each, and are often the cause of failure of many projects and the main reason for the spread of plates ( for kissing for a part-time )!

I met a lot of young people who believe that they have great products and a unique and innovative projects and ideas will be an overwhelming success because they fill a gap in the market and associated need many , therefore, find that their numbers with respect to sales and profits in the feasibility study stage was very optimistic . But he heard the numbers very weak or non – existent demand , sales, and often blame the weakness of culture and poor customer market and end up to the closure of the project and the loss of the invested capital or allegiance to remedy the situation.
May be a lot of incorrect initial expectations with regard to the uniqueness of their products and the gap and the expected demand but the error was not on the market or customers , but in culture neglecting an important element in the process, ” marketing .” How do blame the customers are not aware of the foundation and existence of the product or service in the market? To open a shop on a public street or a Web site does not mean that everyone will know what sells !
Many frustrated over this experiment did not know the cause or reason knew but did not know the solution, therefore, keep these tips in mind :
You must study these well- phase ( the initial phase of the launch of the product ) .
Definition of the existence of the product until permanent access to the deployment phase .
You have to be ” very generous ” in investment to introduce your products through a marketing plan linked to the target category and the quality of the market.
There are smart and successful applications from around simple plans for product launches , you can be picked to monitor new products introduced during the past period or through companies specializing in this area, and I would recommend it , especially in Internet projects .
It should be to focus on we are talking about understanding the customers because the product is not for the presence of the brand, there is a big difference – The proliferation of brand and reputation is not evidence of the success of each of its products, even if received thousands of visits to your site or hundreds of clients in 6 Figure Tool Kit without their awareness of the existence of product target , the result and one ( no sales ) . Because customers did not realize the existence of the 6 Figure Tool Kit product and therefore we find many of the products of major international companies are not concerning promotions , despite the presence of the products on the shelves in retail outlets around the world. Is another important , make a big fuss about the product or service and the proliferation of ads all over the place does not necessarily mean “understand” their clients for its product. That’s what we ‘ll talk about in another article through pass the phases ( understanding and conviction ) .
Finally, we find that we are analyzing (ladder effects) we can differentiate between the functions of marketing and functions of sales through customer experience , and therefore of great benefit in the feasibility study , budget planning and building the organizational structures of the facility as we can determine the functions of team work and ” liquidity” required for each phase and identify factors force project and weaknesses and work early to avoid a lot of obstacles and losses. you can start with 6 Figure Tool Kit program.